The Perspectiv Ventures philosophy is :

team . technologies . markets


Venture Capital funding for dynamic startups and young emerging companies in the sectors of :
+ Fintech and Blockchain
+ Healthtech
+ Smart Services & IoT
+ Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. 

Funding focused on the seed and early stage of growth of these venture-backed companies. 
We trust our ability to pick the raw diamonds and polish them into gems. 

Providing also strategic guidance for growth and scaling aided with co-investments in subsequent rounds funding in the competitive field of digital business and smart services.


Key Principal Officers


Ghee Hoe Cheng
FP, Chief Strategist

Dr. Lawrence Wassserman
Venture Partner & Chief Technologist


Mr Nguyen Tra
Venture Partner & Head - ASEANMarkets


Associates & Staff

Venianmin Pujorzov

Jacob Nilius

Annie Chiu

Cannie Tran
Special Assistant

Dr Jessica Vu
Medical Specialist

Kim Nguyen
Operating Specialist